Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Ultimate Homemade Adventure

I have to say that having a baby is the ultimate homemade adventure. It has been a little bit crazy and different, but in a really good way.  Little Charlotte is now just over a week old and is kind of amazing.  She eats and sleeps like a champ, and has already surpassed her birth weight. 

Since she's been born, I've had family here to celebrate Christmas and hosted my book club Christmas party.  Both were amazing.  I loved having my family here and wished they could have stayed much longer.  As it was we were contented with a spectacular Christmas feast, including my first turkey (and the most delicious turkey recipe I've ever had!).  And while I did the menu planning it was truly a whole family affair to get it on the table.

Our holiday table included a salad with pears, dried cherries and goat cheese.  The Bourbon Roasted turkey followed with apple-cranberry stuffing, and Sweet Potato Casserole, plus a pecan pie for dessert.  The recipe for the turkey came from the November 2011 Country Living magazine, and while the recipe is not on their website any longer, some dear soul has posted the recipe here Maple Bourbon Roasted Turkey.  This is seriously the most delicious turkey I've ever had, and the gravy is spectacular (and I even normally hate gravy).

So far, being a mommy is the best homemade adventure ever.  I think Miss Charlotte and I have lots of cooking, baking and crafting ahead in our future!

Welcome to my homemade life Charlotte!


  1. She is so precious! You are going to LOVE having a little girl to do all those fun activities with!

  2. Oh my word! Congrats! I cannot believe you have hosted TWO parties in the week since she was born! I was still hobbling from place to place. I am in awe!

    So happy for you. It is magical to have a little baby at Christmastime. Nothing better than laying the blanket out by the tree and getting to know each other. She is beautiful.

  3. You are truly a wonder to host 2 parties with a 1 week old baby!! She is so beautiful!!