Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blog Addiction & Truth-telling Serum

An exhausted early momma moment.
I have found that even with all my new momma duties, I have been able to keep up with reading books.  I am caught up for book club--The Happiness Project-- and have also managed to read a few others for fun on the side. (Thank you whoever created e-books and their amazing one-handed operationalism!!!) It has been a lot harder to keep up with my favorite blogs, mainly because the computer is designed for people with TWO free hands.

I hate the days where I don't get a chance to check in with all my favorite people (most of whom I don't actually know) via their blogs.  I think it is probably the combination of diary-magazine-conversation that makes blogs so compelling for me.

There are a lot of reasons to read a blog.  To keep up with people who live far away.  To get new ideas.  To get a little glimpse into the heart of someone who you will never meet that is something like you.  While I love the craft, cooking and quilt blogs that I look at for their wonderful ideas, colors and inspiration, they aren't the ones that really connect with my heart.

The blogs that truly connect with my heart are the ones who have figured out how to tell the truth about their everyday lives--they aren't sugarcoating things.  These people are the ones who have really helped me through the last two months of beginning to figure out momma-hood.  A lot of moms talk about how happy, glorious and amazing momma-hood is (and don't get me wrong, there are lots of those moments), but more often than not these early days have been exhausting, frustrating, anxious, and full of doubt.  Those women who are able to acknowledge those tough feelings are the ones that I want to check in with, because it is affirming.  It is a powerful thing to know that you are not alone and others have been there before and that it does get better.

I also love the women who know how to write about God in the midst of all of this.  Their words are graceful, hopeful, and a reminder to me.  They remind me that the antidotes to exhaustion, frustration, anxiety and doubt is rest, peace, hope and faith.  Their words have been life giving and helpful in these early weeks.  These are my favorite and I encourage you to check them out.

The Momastery
Becca Groves: My Life in Stories

Plus, only God knows when I'll get around to needing inspiration for a quilting project again.


  1. I could not agree more. I love reading the honest blogs that all of us "normal" Moms can relate too!!

    Your little one is too precious. Love the pic of you both sleeping!

  2. oh brother, I'm so flattered!

    I have a friend who just had a baby a month ago and I said to her, "doesn't it blow your mind how you can be doing something all day long and at the end of the day, have NOTHING to show for your time at home except dirty dishes, dirty laundry, and still needing a shower?" She started crying and we had to talk about letting yourself off the hook. We're doers. We get stuff done. But babies tend to mess that up a bit. :)

    But that picture you posted is PRECIOUS and evidence that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing in this season. I know everyone says it, but they grow so fast and every stage comes and goes and soon you'll give anything for a tiny baby to rest on your chest!