Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pizza Night at Two Ponies Gardens

One of my all-time favorite, under the radar places is Two Ponies Gardens located just a few miles from my home.  I stumbled across this gorgeous little hideaway last summer when I was looking for service projects for the students at work.  I've taken students there to volunteer a couple of times, but even better is that I love going out and enjoying the events! I've attended their Dahlia Open House and attended a Harvest Dinner last fall (one of the most Martha Stewart worthy moments of my life.) 
Last summer they were in the process of building a wood-burning brick oven at the farm.  Siri and Lisa (the two awesome women who run the farm) were hoping that once it was done they'd be able to have pizza nights at the farm.
Well, the oven is done and pizza night is awesome.  My husband and I attended along with my friend Heidi.  It was a fun night.

The menu---we brought our own drinks and cupcakes (which is allowed!)
The front pizza was the basil, tomato and mozzarella pizza.  The back one was the prosciutto, pesto and chevre.  Both were DELICIOUS!

The pizza makers rolling out the crust (the oven is that stone thing in the background.)

Heidi and I looking hot.  Because we were sweltering and melting (it was probably 90 degrees that night.)

Wanna check out other events at Two Ponies?  Check out their website.  Two Ponies Garden Website

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  1. That is some beautiful food! Looks like my kind of joint!:-)