Monday, January 10, 2011

Charming Little Town, Fun Sunday Afternoon

The first weekend of each month marks a special new tradition for me...a trek to the little town of Waconia to visit the occasional shops!  Waconia is a little town just West of the Twin Cities, that has a charming old main street, as well as 4-5 cute shops that make for the perfect little shopping jaunt. 

Normally, I would go on Friday, my day off, and hit up Heavenly Patchwork (quilt store), The Shop Around the Corner (found items/upcycling type store), The Stash (clothing boutique), and Vert (antique store).  Usually, the trip also includes a stop at Mocha Monkey for to-die-for coffee creations and a snack.  Yesterday, I went with friends Elizabeth, Melanie and new friend, Sara, to check out the sales.  Since it was Sunday, we weren't able to go to the quilt store or Mocha Monkey (which are open daily--not occasional stores), but we still went to the other favorites.  Typically, I go home with bags loaded with new fabric and all kinds of other goodies, but yesterday was a small buying day--I went home with a couple of cool picture frames and a sweet little necklace charm. 

Elizabeth and I did manage to take some fun pictures for an upcoming project we are working on called The Soul Sisterhood Retreat.  Soul Sisterhood is a Christian camp for girls ages 11-14 that uses all kinds of crafting, cooking, and creative skills to build self-confidence and grow in faith.  We are almost ready to launch our marketing don't worry, I'll have more details for you in another couple of weeks!
In the meantime, enjoy the photo of us above.  It was taken at the other coffee shop on Waconia's main drag, Frost & Steam.

The Shop Around the Corner

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