Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hello, I am a Quilt Junkie

My First Quilt
*Sigh*  It's true, you know.  I am completely addicted to quilting.  I began quilting last January--just one short year ago and I now can't imagine my life without it.  I pick up gorgeous bits of fabric "just in case" I think of something to do with it.  I pour over quilting magazines, blogs, and websites.  I save the free patterns I find in a special folder, just so that I have them ready when I need a new project.
I've made eight quilts that are throw size or larger and a ton of smaller projects--pillows, tablerunners, bags, and more.  That's quite a bit all in one year.

Natalia's Baby Quilt
There is something so satisfying for me in quilting.  My favorite part is choosing the fabrics---taking unlikely combinations and seeing what comes out of it.  But each step has it's own appeal.  The cutting is all accuracy and counting--and it's so satisfying to see a stack of pieces just begging to be put together.  I love the piecing, seeing how piece by piece, block by block, slowly the whole begins to take shape.  Then, if I hand quilt, I get to see the dimension and texture added.  More often though, I send it out to a lovely woman, Karie, who long arm quilts for me. (Her website is Karie's Quilting) Then, the anticipation of what Karie will do with it and when I get to pick it up and see how it's taken shape, always makes my heart skip just a little.  Finally, there is a certain finality and satisfaction in putting the binding on.  All of the raw edges are neatly sewn up, tucked in and hidden.  The finished piece is all smooth edges and beautiful patterns.
Steve and Krista's Wedding Quilt
So often the work that I do during the day, youth ministry, doesn't have smooth edges and easy to define successes.  I think this is why I need hobbies that give me a sense of accomplishment--a quilt completed, a great book finished, a pie well made (and eaten!).  It gives me a list that I can look at and feel a sense of "doneness." 

This week, I completed two quilt tops and will deliver them to Karie next week for quilting.  Done and done.

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